Participati la Industry Expo & B2B Meetings,Arad on October 27, 2022

We cordially invite you to participate in Industry Expo & B2B Meetings, which will be held in Arad on October 27, 2022.

Leading companies in industrial manufacturing (OEMs, Tier 1, Suppliers and Sub-Suppliers) will attend the Industry Expo & B2B Meetings 2022.

Join us and register at

If you are already registered, you can access your account at

Both, physical (at the Expo location) and virtual (online) attending are available for the Expo, Presentations and B2B Meetings.

We recommend the B2B Meetings service, as this option gives you the opportunity to send invitations for meetings and to plan meetings with other participants using the Online Meetings Planner.

The meetings will be held at the Expo if both parties are at the Expo or by video conference (using Zoom or another application software of your choice) if one or both parties are attending virtually (online). During the period of planning online meetings, please verify each 2-3 days which companies have registered and send invitations for meetings to those who are interesting for your company.

After registration, we recommend you to use the Invite to Event online application, available in your account to invite industrial suppliers and buyers to the event.

As with all our events, the participation of buyers in Industry Expo & B2B Meetings is free of charge.

At this event you can meet industrial manufacturing professionals, buyers, suppliers and sub-suppliers interested in:

Additive manufacturing, 3D printing
Automation and Robotics
Cleaning and filtering equipment
Components assembling
Compressed air and vacuum systems
Digital Factory Systems
Electronics – Electricity
Finishing, thermal and surface treatments
Forge – Foundry
Forming processes in sheet metal work
Fasteners and springs
Industrial machines and equipment
Industry services
Labeling and marking equipment
Maintenance and repair products & services
Materials and components – glass
Materials and components – metal
Materials and components – plastic, rubber, composites
Materials and components – textile
Materials and components – wood, cardboard, paper
Materials and components – others
Monitoring, inspection and control equipment
Motion, Drive and Automation Systems
Painting – Coating
Packaging and logistics
Plastics – Rubber – Composites Processing
Research – Design – HR – Training – Consulting
Screw – Cutting – Machining – Special Machines
Semi-finished products in metal processing
Supplies and consumables
Tools – Molds – Models – Prototypes
Trade press – Universities – Associations
Warehousing and Transportation
Waste disposal and recycling
Wire, cable, wire harnesses
Industry Expo & B2B Meetings is the leading B2B Industrial Trade Fair in Romania, organized with the purpose of development and improvement of business relations, dedicated to industrial manufacturing professionals, buyers, suppliers and sub-suppliers.

During Industry Expo & B2B Meetings we facilitate the presentation of products and new technological innovation, the access to information, the cooperation and the development of new partnerships.

The list of participants and other information about the event updated daily can be accessed at

We look forward to welcoming you at Industry Expo & B2B Meetings for more business cooperation.

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