Does the size of the penis matter to women? It is very important

Does penis size matter to women? The most important fact you must not miss at any cost
If you were to ask female porn stars and their producers, you would definitely say „yes” to this question. But the truth is, they don’t want to do it with guys who have huge beasts. What matters most to women is the pleasure they get, and they don’t mind the size at all – whether it’s a small or medium-sized penis.

Let this article show you four reasons why you should be happy with your current package size.

The bigger people get, the more chances they have of missing the mark
The bigger people get, the more opportunities they have to miss the mark. It’s a common belief that larger packages are better for hitting the g-spot. The truth is that the so-called g-spot is about 1-3 inches in the vagina, so a small penis of about 4 inches can actually do the job.

Women are afraid of big guys
Another common mistake – women are afraid of big guys. Try going to a sex store and you’ll be surprised to find that the most sold dildos are medium-sized Realistic Dildo. Dildos over nine inches are hardly ever sold. Usually, the women who like big dicks are the ones who want to be dominated by their partners.

Having a Biggie does not guarantee performance.
This doesn’t necessarily mean that having a big package is a guarantee of great pleasure. In fact, women prefer medium-sized women for amazing orgasms. Regardless of size, performance still matters.

Confidence matters
Confidence eclipses all other things – including cock size! What you need to master will be the best position for the g-spot. You need to start working on positions that are sure to bring pleasure to your girl – like the spoon, standing rear entry and butterfly positions. If your cock size worries you, then it’s time to worry about something else – performance!

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